The flow to pass SSW examination

■This site is a service to support foreigners residing in Japan to pass the specific Skills Worker examination.

This is a status of residence applicable to foreign nationals who work in jobs that require a considerable knowledge of or experience in Specified Industry Fields.

First of all, please read the “learning textbook” to take the exam.
After reading the learning textbook, please do a practice test on this site.Repeat the practice test over and over until you reach a correct answer rate of 60% or higher.

■How to use this site

Please register from “New Member Registration” and pay the membership fee. After confirming payment, we will issue an account so you can log in and use the service.

■About how to use this site

You can check the graph of learning progress on My Page.This will reflect the scores of the practice tests you took on the site.
There are 5 exam categories according to the actual exam items. “Basic of nursing care”,”Machanism of mind and body”,”Communication skills”,”Skills for providing daily assitance”,”Nursing care Japanese language”

First, read the textbook to deepen your learning, and then try the practice test.* If you purchased your individual plan by bank transfer after issuing your account, your account will be activated after payment is confirmed and you will be able to use the test.

After answering the practice test, you can see the score and explanation of the question.Look at the results of each practice test, and take the test repeatedly in areas you are not good at to increase the pass rate.

The pass line of the test has a correct answer rate of 60% or more. Let’s study repeatedly with the aim of passing the exam!

■Our support for people who passed SSW exam

We provide free employment support to long-term care facilities for those who have passed specific skills.For more information on employment support, please see this page.

■About our service

It is a plan that allows you to use the test learning system for specified skills worker Kaigo for half a year.
Many pass the exam in 2 to 3 months on average, so even those who are busy with their daily work or Japanese language school can study efficiently in their spare time.

Furthermore, after passing the exam, we will support you until you get a job at a KAIGO facility, etc. This is our unique service.